Unlocking the Economic Potential of Lola Prefecture

SMFG commissioned a study to assess opportunities and constraints associated with unlocking economic opportunities beyond mining in Lola Prefecture and surrounding areas.

The study is looking comprehensively at land uses, agriculture, animal husbandry, transport, power, markets and trade, banking, support industries for industry, and more. The study is also considering how SMFG can design its project to enhance benefits to the local economy sufficiently early in the design process, for example by possibly stimulating demand for particular services in a manner that catalyses their broader local availability.

Spatial Planning & Environmental Sustainability

Spatial Planning & Environmental Sustainability

Spatial Planning

The study is considering the spatial distribution of economic potential, and scenarios for and current and future development and land uses, looking not only at Lola Prefecture but considering its proximity to markets in Côte d’Ivoire and Liberia where actual or planned improvements in transport infrastructure will open new opportunities.

Environmental Sustainability

The study incorporates environmental considerations into land-use plans for Lola Prefecture.

Managing Population Influx

The regional development planning study will help identify areas where immigration can be best managed and thus where it should be channelled. These areas will be targeted for initiatives to create economic opportunities.

This initiative is directly complementary to the initiative to promote agribusiness. SMFG intends to incorporate key recommendations from the study into the design of the Nimba Iron Ore Project, and seek public and private development partners to join in financing identified initiatives.