SMFG’s Number One Priority

At SMFG, health and safety is truly the number one priority of all activities.

In addition to genuine concern for the health and well-being of employees, contractors and visitors, SMFG believes that only if people feel safe and healthy while performing their duties can they achieve the business integrity, and environmental, community and operational excellence required by the company. Health and safety underpins all that SMFG strives to achieve, as stated in its Charter and its Health and Safety Policy.

A Large Workforce Doing Diverse Tasks

A Large Workforce Doing Diverse Tasks

SMFG has been the largest private employer in Lola Prefecture for more than ten years, and earned the reputation as a leader in occupational health and safety.

Although the Project has not yet begun construction, SMFG has a workforce of more than three hundred persons, busy with environmental management, community relations, asset security, facilities maintenance and support activities.

Daily Pre-Start Meetings

Every shift starts the same way at SMFG. At daily pre-start meetings, teams discuss the previous day’s activities and learnings, looking for improvements to address health and safety concerns.

Someone from each team presents and debates a topical health and safety subject, or sometimes an environmental or anti-corruption subject, to his or her colleagues. This allows employees and contractors to cover more than three hundred subjects over a year.

Oversight of Health & Safety

A workforce Safety Committee provides oversight of management effectiveness and overall health and safety performance.

The Safety Committee includes health and safety professionals, senior management, contractors’ management and, most importantly, representatives from SMFG’s and contractors’ unions.